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Agicom Marketing Communications

In 2020, the marketing communications division of Agicom was taken over by Maria Philips, boasting a successful career in data driven personalisation and value optimisation. Her senior leadership team’s mission was soon set out. To transform the world of marketing communications at Agicom and to become completely data driven and personalised across their entire base. They had to move away from historic practices of communicating with customers and potential customers, to be much closer to understanding needs and behaviours. They understood very quickly that in order to achieve this, they had to transform the division to become an Agile organisation, therefore focussing their teams on providing continuous value and be responsive to change at pace.

Agile practice was not a new concept to Agicom. They have tried to embrace it and adapt across various pockets of the business over the past few years or so. But changing a global organisation with a large town sized employee base would always take considerable time, energy, commitment and will. And in fairness, the world isn’t going to hang around waiting.

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