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Can Agile be used for non software projects?

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Overcoming Misconceptions

In a word, yes! Agile methodology was devised by a group of software developers and because of this the original focus was on software. In fact, their Agile Manifesto states that one of Agile’s key values is to deliver working software. However, Agile is now much broader and can be used in every area of a business. It is definitely not just for software projects. So what projects can use Agile? Just about any project in any industry can make use of Agile and benefit from it, from HR teams and travel businesses to Architecture and Telecoms companies. In a broad sense, Agile can benefit teams by challenging current ways of working, improving collaboration and boosting creativity and morale.

How Agile can help HR teams Much like software delivery, much of the work of HR teams falls into two categories: designing processes and systems and the day to day implementation of those processes. The work carried out by individual teams often overlaps with other teams. So, undergoing any sort of transformation requires input from the whole department. HR teams often face a challenge of work silos and slow handovers from one team to the next. By using tools like Kanban Boards, teams can keep work moving quickly and can easily re-prioritse tasks as things change. How construction teams can use Agile Agile works for almost any project and the projects in the construction industry are no exception. The idea of visualising your project as a whole and then breaking it down into manageable chunks fits well with architecture. These types of projects can be broken down into stages that translate easily into sprints (design stages, laying foundations, exterior, interiors etc), as long as there is value delivered at each iteration. By splitting work into sprints, teams remain flexible and able to quickly adapt to external issues like bad weather or material delays. Kanban boards are a great fit for construction projects, they have their roots in industry and are great for managing building projects, especially ones with pre-defined completion dates.

Reducing Unnecessary Meetings

How Telecoms teams can benefit from Agile Telecoms companies are often multinational entities with engineers, managers and work cultures spread across different countries. This can make good communication, collaboration and agreeing on shared goals harder to accomplish. Teams may also struggle with multiple ongoing projects with different priorities and timescales. Agile coaching can help teams to agree how they set goals and manage workload. A Kanban framework can also help teams like these to visualise and manage their workflow and clearly communicate this with stakeholders. Find out how we worked with the Cloud and Network Infrastructure (CNI) team at Vodafone to implement a new operating model.

Agile is now much broader and can be used in every area of a business. It is definitely not just for software projects.

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