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One of the greatest misconceptions for an organisation going through an Agile transformation is that it is simple because it’s just changing how we work. But it is far more complex than perhaps changing a process. It requires a complete shift in mindset and behaviour. And it is going to take a considerable amount of leadership support, which is why we say – change starts at the very top.

  • Effective change begins with strong, committed leadership at the highest levels of an organisation The book emphasises that for any change initiative to be successful, it must be championed by top executives. Leaders set the tone and direction for change, providing the vision and motivation needed to drive transformation throughout the organisation. Their commitment is crucial in overcoming resistance and rallying the entire workforce around new goals and strategies.
  • A clear, well-communicated vision is essential for successful change management A compelling vision provides a roadmap for the future, giving employees a clear understanding of the change and why it is necessary. Effective communication ensures that everyone in the organisation is aligned with the vision and understands their role in the change process. This alignment is critical for building trust and securing buy-in from all stakeholders.
  • Engaging employees and fostering a culture that embraces change are key to sustaining long-term transformation The book details strategies for involving employees in the change process, turning them into active participants and advocates for change. By creating a culture that values innovation and adaptability, organizations can not only implement change more effectively but also sustain continuous improvement. Engaging employees at all levels helps to identify potential issues early, leverage diverse perspectives, and build a collective commitment to the organization's goals.

About Steve Martin

I've been involved in some of the most exciting, complex, challenging transformation programmes across some of the biggest global brands.

Through my experience in guiding numerous transformation programmes for prominent global brands, I've witnessed a recurring obstacle: the gap between those implementing change and those spearheading it. "Change Starts at the Very Top" challenges this common misconception head-on.


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The Portfolio Operations Performance Dashboard is a cutting-edge, all-in-one solution designed to help organisations monitor, analyse, and optimise the performance of their project portfolios.

With data visualisation, advanced analytics, and intuitive user interfaces, this dashboard empowers decision-makers with the insights they need to drive strategic initiatives, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve business objectives.

  • Data Visualisation: Interactive charts and graphs, that provide a clear and immediate view of portfolio performance metrics.
  • Customisable Dashboards: Tailor the dashboard to display the most relevant information for different stakeholders, from executives to project managers.
  • Create a culture of transparency and accountability with clear, accessible performance metrics and progress tracking for all stakeholders.


The Operations Performance
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The Team Operational Performance Dashboard is an innovative, comprehensive tool designed to help teams track, analyse, and optimise their performance.

This dashboard offers insights, customisable views, and advanced analytics to ensure teams can achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. Whether for remote, hybrid, or in-office teams, this dashboard provides the critical data needed to drive productivity, enhance collaboration, and meet operational targets.

  • Data Visualization: Live charts, graphs, and tables that provide instant access to key performance metrics and operational data.
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  • Customisable Dashboards: Tailor views to meet the specific needs of team leaders, managers, and individual team members.


The Agile Management Office White Paper

The Agile Management Office White Paper introduces a transformative concept for organisations seeking to implement Agile methodologies at scale.

This white paper outlines the establishment of a central hub dedicated to Agile implementation, which focuses on skills development, maintaining quality standards, and enhancing business agility throughout the organisation. It serves as a comprehensive guide for executives, leaders, and Agile practitioners who aim to drive continuous improvement and innovation.

  • Unified Agile Practices: Achieve consistent and effective Agile implementation across the entire organisation through centralised oversight and coordination.
  • Improved Skills and Competencies: Elevate the Agile proficiency of your workforce through structured skills development and training programs.
  • Enhanced Organisational Agility: Increase the organisation's ability to respond swiftly to market changes and business challenges, ensuring sustained competitive advantage.

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"Steve has a passion for Agile and helping leaders and teams make the leap they often don't know they need to make, or how to make it!"

Darren, Portfolio Manager

"Working with Steve has been truly refreshing and inspiring; as a senior leader it has provided me with the opportunity to really understand the challenges we face."​

Leanna, Head of Customer Decisioning

"With clear explanations, real-life examples, and post-course support, Steve has been able to turn Agile into something that is incredibly easy to understand and with the right groundwork, easy to implement."

Charlotte, Product Manager

Here's Just Some Of What

You'll Find Inside Your Copy Of This Extraordinary Book:

  • Leadership's Role in Change: Discover how effective change management begins with the commitment and example set by top leadership.You'll find this amazing secret about marketing funnels
  • Building a Change-Oriented Culture: Learn strategies to cultivate an organisational culture that embraces and thrives on change.
  • Vision and Communication: Understand the importance of a clear vision and the necessity of transparent communication throughout the change process.
  • Employee Engagement: Uncover methods to engage employees at all levels and turn them into active participants and champions of change.
  • Overcoming Resistance: Gain insights into common sources of resistance to change and how to address and mitigate them effectively.
  • Why Transformations Fail: Discover the key reasons behind the difficulties that organisations face during transformations and identify the main obstacles and how to fix them.
  • Case Studies and Real-World Examples: Gain practical insights and lessons from real-world examples and case studies of organisations that have successfully navigated significant change.

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